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Proof of Income
Does your employer use ADP or another well-known payroll company? All you need is your payroll login to validate income. Yes, it is that easy!
Take cash out of your home
Proof of Income
Does your employer use ADP or another well-known payroll company? All you need is your payroll login to validate income. Yes, it is that easy!
Eliminate PMI
Proof of Income
Does your employer use ADP or another well-known payroll company? All you need is your payroll login to validate income. Yes, it is that easy!
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You love your home, and you don’t want to move, but you wonder if you could be better utilizing your mortgage. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to consider refinancing. Some of the best home refinancing companies, like ours, can help you find more favorable loan terms, and you can also get other benefits, such as pulling from the equity you have built up in your home.

What Does It Mean to Refinance Your Home?

Refinancing simply means finding a new mortgage loan for your existing property. When you refinance, you often look for a lower interest rate than you initially had on your home, or you may want a shorter loan term. In order to refinance, you pay off the existing loan and take out a new one.
• A home title search
• Appraisal
• Application fees
Either way, the process will be simple. Fill out a full application, and our team will handle processing, including appraisal, underwriting and approval. Once we’re done, your loan will be closed and funded, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of refinancing Applying to refinance your loan is simpler than you may think. Assurance Financial is the advisor who can help you every step of the way, and we offer two ways for you to apply:
• Apply online with Abby: Just fill out the online application in 15 minutes. You’ll sign into your payroll platforms and bank accounts to verify your assets and income so that you don’t need to fax.
• Apply with a person: Assurance Financial has licensed experts in 28 states in case you prefer to refinance with a live person who can guide you to the right solution for your needs.
• Pull equity from the home: Has the value of your house increased since you bought it? If so, you may be able to pull out some of that money when you refinance.

Why Refinance?

In 2019, The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates twice by about a quarter — it’s the first time they have lowered rates since 2008. For some homeowners, this can mean a more advantageous rate with refinancing. Talk to a home refinancing company such as Assurance Financial to find out whether refinancing is right for you. We see ourselves as advisors who help veterans, first-time homeowners, families, downsizers and others get refinancing that suits their lifestyles and needs. We’re an independent company, and we won’t pass your personal information and loan around to third parties. What’s more, we offer a simple application process that you can complete online or in person in as little as 15 minutes.
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