Live Lead Strategy
High Performance Strategy Platform for Live Lead on Social Media
Put a large number of Call-to-action strategies into work and discover the highest probable models for your Social & Digital lead engagement
How it works
Dynamic Campaigns
Email and Social
Dynamic campaigns maximize engagement and increase Conversion Rate up to 20%. TAYGO's dynamic campaign produces Audience Activity Insights to achieve successful campaigns.
Social Media Pop-up Store
Make your business available, ubiquitous, dynamic and responsive on channels that matter, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn!
Contact Enrichment
Manage unlimited number of contacts, track the history of communication & activities, and let us enrich your Contact Profiles with our Social Networks profile matching engine.
Facebook Messenger Experience
Maximize audience engagement by linking Facebook Ads to Messenger interactions.
Live Chat
Live Chat with potential customers anywhere anytime, whether that be on your website or Social Media channels, empowers your Digital & Social media Ads or Campaign with Live Chat (Chatbot & Human)
Social Media
Achieve instant sales by taking advantage of TAYGO Instant Social Shopping Cart & Checkout.
Social Ads
Instant Apps & Extensions
Plug in our rich and instant apps to Social Ads to capture data and transactions on the fly and maximize ROI.
Let's get the ball rolling and see the result!