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According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), 30% of Home Loan Rejections are reported with “No Reason Given”. That is simply because of all kinds of errors through a mortgage pre-assessment process, including 'human errors'. TAYGO's technology helps homebuyers have a smooth and error-free journey to homeownership.

Locate the most affordable combination of: grants + home loans with TAYGO!
Borrower Network
TAYGO is the first Home Loan Marketplace in the United States with a primary focus on home-buyers with limited affordability.
TAYGO's Borrower Network helps home-buyers locate most affordable home loan solutions and request a proposal instantly.
Consumer Identity Protection
TAYGO platform offers Identity Protection to home-buyers in order to prevent uninvited and overwhelming marketing phone calls that traditionally follow by filling out a lead-pop form. Upon a home-buyer sign-up, the affordable solutions are searched by TAYGO's technology and presented to the home-buyer before a third party is involved. TAYGO is committed to acquire home-buyers' consent when referring to a third party partner whether that be grant provides, lenders or other asstance.
We explore and exhaust all home-buyer grants for you.
We find best lenders who can help you find affordable home loans.